Time to clean up our act?

Bad Words
Bad Words

“Sometimes you’ve just got a feeling like you need some kind of change”, thought Whitman, as he noticed an un-be-fucking-leavible number of bad words in the latest episode.

So, Whitman went ahead a did a little research as to how many swears popped up in our forthcoming “A Fish Called Wanda” show, by listening to the whole thing and marking down each individual swear in the recording software we use. Being able to do odd things like throw an unlimited amount of named markers on the timeline is why having Ardour around is great. (Use it, love it, toss a little money at it….)

The results of Whitman’s investigation are somewhat discouraging. This single 60 minute episode clocks in at somewhere in the range of 110 swears. This is uncomfortably close to two curse words per minute, and it’s pretty much all Rusty’s fault.

Since Ardour projects are simply an XML file Jeremy was able to create a simple bash script to read in every curse in the episode from the marker’s he’s made. Here you can see that the vast majority bad words are due to the fact that Rusty throws out a superlative “fuckin'” when he needs to take a beat, sometimes more than once per second.

Scientists now theorize that if Rusty were required to donate $5 for every bad word he’s uttered since his school days, all problems of disease would have ceased sometime around 2008.

Anyway, this sort of thing can not be allowed to fucking continue, and we shall work to clean up our act.


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