Announcement: Massacre on 34th Street X-mas Action AXEstravaganza!

This holiday season Rated80s is proud to present a special block of Christmas programming, the Massacre on 34th Street X-mas Action AXEstravaganza!
For each of the five weeks in December Comics On Film will be taking a festive look at act of giving…violence, as we turn our podcast to a special sub-genre of cinema, Christmas action movies.
We are kicking things off a bang by taking a look at what is certainly the most influential Christmas buddy-cop movie of all time, screenwriter Shane Black’s breakthrough piece, Lethal Weapon.
Next, Comic’s On Film will take a gander at the greatest Christmas PTA member/fem-fatal action espionage film of all time; also written by Shane Black, The Long Kiss Good Night.
In week three of the X-mas Action AXEstravaganza we continue our journey into the mind of screenwriter Shane Black and his string of Urban Warfare on Christmas films, when we take a look at the political sports gambling action Christmas thrill-ride The Last Boy Scout.
On the fourth week of Christmas things get pretty serious, when we record barefoot to take a look at what is widely regarded as the greatest Christmas Action movie of all time, if not the greatest action movie of all time, Die Hard.
Finally, in week 5 of December, we have picked a very special movie, that we hope puts the “axe” in the Massacre on 34th Street X-mas Action AXEstravaganza, the 1984 slasher film Silent Night Deadly Night.
So, strap on some Kevlar, maybe tie a firehouse around your waist for safety, and fire up the old yule log…by throwing a brick of C4 strapped to an office chair down an elevator shaft at some terrorist that just won’t listen…and settle in for a very Rated80s Christmas!