A Fish Called Wanda

Listen, if we are going to be a couple, then you have to watch The Wire!

Oh, sorry, wrong thread.

Warning: The following program is Rated80s and will not be suitable for everyone. It will contain, fish murder, elderly murder, and dog murder, times three. Listener discretion is advised.

Alright, this week we are coming at you Almost Live with way too many swears to cover A Fish Called Wanda, or as we like to think of it, Monty Python’s preemptive –and much more whimsical– take on Reservoir Dogs.

First though Jeremy has some new rules for film commentary Podcasting in general, having had a meeting with the Stone Cutters earlier in the week, and a new rule has come to light.

Joking referring to an unlikely sequels as “Movie Two: Electric Boogaloo” has now been declare hack, and more effort will be required from anyone attempting to make that generic joke from here on out.  It was funny once, as a joke in 1999’s Kevin Smith film Dogma delivered by Master Blaster…err Matt Damon and Ben Afflack, it’s time to update your references. (It turns out this is actually a joke from Clerks The Animated Series, such a minor mistake is something you’ll just have to deal with…)

Listen, I love you an all but if you want to be my fiance you have to watch the Fargo Series Season OneErr, sorry, wrong thread again.

There’s almost a more than a passing reference to the reintroduction of high profile racist Mel Gibson to the world of Hollywood film making. Can you guess who Whitman blames for that? (Spoilers: It’s Trump!) Somehow this wanders onto talk of Orgamso. Wait! Not that Ogasmo, this Orgazmo!

Listen dear, I do believe we are soulmates and I love you too, but if you wont watch Breaking Bad I just can’t be with you!

Damn it, wrong thread again.

Commercials this week include Australian Toaster Biscuits, and an uncomfortably close encounter with Green Cross Man, England’s verbally abusive and physically threatening safety mascot for children (played by ((WTF!?)) Darth Vader!).

The conversation rambles on from there, with a spoiler free (and very brief) look at Logan, as well as a passing mention of a film everyone should watch, Green Street Hooligans.

Listen baby, I feel like you were put on the earth for me to find, and I was put here for you, and I want us to be together forever, but we won’t be, if you won’t watch True Detective!

Oh damn wrong….no wait, that one was meant for you dear listeners.

These things matter.


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Later later!