The Last Starfighter

The following program is Rated80s and may not be be suitable for all audiences. It will contain pornographyalien abduction, and vehicular homicide.
Listener discretion is advised…

Our episode this episode is the 1984 hero’s journey tale The Last Star Fighter.

Its unanamous! This is near pitch perfect and more or less inoffensive film is basically impossible not to love. This episode includes a heaping helping of our patented asides where we delve into topics likeLarry Flynt (obviously), our website upgrade, Star Wars . Joseph Campbell makes an appearance and we discuss our social media presence or lack there of.

We also make a promise, to you dear listener, to take the timeMarge Simpson On Ms Pacman going forward to compile more complete show notes. So, if you are reading this in a podcasting app, you’re now missing half the fun. The new and improved notes have film trailers, zany images, and links to topics covered.

We hope to make our new and improved website a content destination for all you dedicated Movie Puffs. To that end the entire site has been redone, and we now have a forum! Please swing by and tell us how we are doing or chat us up in some fashion.

Commercials this week include: Joe Montana Sports Talk Football, Mz. Pac Man, and Starfox.

Our favorite trope of the film has to be Ascended Fanboy.

Toward the end of the episode Jeremy finds a silver lining to the current state of American discourse…that kind of presents the Crack War as a good thing. So be sure and stick around for that! Play it real loud in the office maybe so your coworkers will find you edgy and interesting!

The preceding paragraph is not to be taken as legal advice (or advice of any kind.)

Finally, be warned that somewhere near the end of the episode somebody mentions the video game Custer’s Revenge. Whatever you do you should not do any research on the notorious Custer’s Revenge video game, unless you’d like to lose all faith in humanity.