Warning, the following program is Rated80s!

Hello & Welcome!

You have somehow discovered Rated80s!

Congrats to you or your ancestors having survived the coke war, the crack war, the all your freebase are belong to us war, trickle down economics, the neon clothing of the 90’s, and Cop Rock.

So, what is Rated80s? It is many things to many people. Perhaps its shorthand to describe a children’s movie that makes no bones about killing a child’s cherished horse companion in-front of him by drowning it in mud, making every child born from the years who views it weep openly and question the existence of God.  Perhaps it is an oral history of standup comedy on upper the west coast, covering the good old days when clubs might offer to pay a performer in “white [cocaine], green [marijuana], or cash [money].” It could even be a podcast about movie made well past the 80s, that is unabashedly fond of a simpler, much more violent cinematic time, when Robocop might turn an enemy into human windshield wiper fluid by dropping him into a bucket of toxic waste, seconds before he is hit by a car.

Rated80s is in short, a website and philosophy that celebrates a decade of confusion, legwarmers, and a drug addled entertainment industry that produced a myriad of works that make Salvador Dali’s catalog look tame by comparison.

Rated80s is a community, a podcast, and a skewed history lesson come to life.